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Romania–Did You Know?

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Fascinating Facts About Romania

I’m realizing that most of my fellow Americans don’t know much about Romania, so I’ve collected a few interesting facts about this incredible country (hardly a full list–not enough time to list EVERYTHING!). After reading through this partial list of what makes Romania worth knowing, be sure to check out the snowshoe trip I have planned in Transylvania in February 2022!

Transylvania Itinerary

Romania is home to the second-largest administrative building for civilian use in the world. Only the Pentagon is bigger! The construction is 270 meters wide and 86 meters tall, has 1,100 rooms, most of which are empty, eight underground levels, and a nuclear bunker linked to other government buildings through tunnels. This construction contains 3,500 tons of crystal, 480 chandeliers, and 700,000 tons of steel and bronze. Guinness Book has ranked the Palace of Parliament as the most expensive administrative building and…

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