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My Vietnam Experience Part 3

(If you haven’t read My Vietnam Experience Parts 1 and 2, please start there!)

This post offers random snapshots of our brief time in Hai Phong, Vietnam …

In the open-air eateries, these were the tables and chairs. At street vendors, they put these right out onto the sidewalks, causing you to have to walk around them–which meant stepping into the busy street.

A couple of snaps of the food market; Ava in front of the Hai Phong Opera House; plein air shaving service.

The Vietnamese dong. I had a really difficult time trying to wrap my head around these numbers. At one point, I needed some small bills, which the front desk didn’t have, so the receptionist told me to leave the money with him while I ate breakfast, and he’d have the bills when I was done; I left him with $1.5 million dong. I wasn’t offered a receipt, and I felt that asking for one would be extremely rude, because the thought of stealing my money very clearly never crossed his mind.

Vietnamese people are the kindest, most helpful people I’ve ever met.

Come Explore Vietnam with me in 2022! To view the incredible itinerary, click the button below and be transported!

Vietnam Itinerary

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