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Hiking in the Dolomites with Ilse: Day 4, Strudelkopf Mt.

My thought as we were descending today was, “If I don’t see another beautiful thing, if it just rains for the rest of the week, I’m ok.” What we experienced today SATURATED me with awe; words can’t describe what we saw, and photos look fake.

Photo 2: The ruins of the bakery where Apfelstrudel was first created. View looking into Austria. 3: View of the “Three Chimneys” from our lunch spot. 4-9: Our lunch spot today, being on the summit, had 360° views of mountain peaks that stretched as far as the eye could see! No. Words. ✨🏔 And more people took catnaps after eating today;)

The terrain was a perfect combination of inclines and flats; we reached an elevation around 7500’.

And on the way down, our guide, Karl (I’ll dedicate an entire post just for him!), once again, took us off the beaten path (10) to visit a ruin of another fort, built right on the edge of a cliff (11). (I think I forgot to mention this yesterday—Karl takes us off the main trails to show us surprises; and it feels like we’re the only people on the mountain!)

Photo 12: Descending through a tunnel in the old fort.

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