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Hiking in the Dolomites with Ilse: Day 3, Kreutzberg Mt.

Day 3 … Each day, the hikes ramp up a bit in intensity and scope. Today, we were on the trail for 8 hours, round-trip, reaching an elevation around 6500’.

The beginning was very steep, wet (very foggy this morning), and gravel-ly—and many of us became concerned about making it through the rest of the hike. (Photos 1, 2) But after a bit, the steepness leveled off, the skies cleared, and for the duration of the day, it was 90% lovely, and 10% head-down-don’t-talk-to-me-I-can’t-breathe—at least for me! 😅

We saw over-grown trenches from WW1, which were most likely repurposed, over and over, since the Napoleonic wars. This led us to one of MANY bunkers in the area, which we explored by headlamp. (3) And my most favorite history lesson of the day—the ancient Roman Road! The direction of my photo has the road going toward Salzburg, Austria (4); we hiked for a long time along the Austrian border.

Lunch vista (5). Where did YOU eat your lunch today??

And we ended our uphill day with the BEST Kaiserschmarrn (and another beer) at the Alpe Nemes Hut (6, 7). Then, at the bottom, a quick, but relaxing Aperol Spritz with a view, while we waited for our ride back to our hotel (8).

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