We’ve traveled with Paula!

“Paula Hiuser is not only fun to travel with. She is fun to be with. She has a genuine interest in adventure; and a determination to pursue it. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Her focus on details, impressive. She inspires confidence and can help you to feel at ease. I always look forward to the next opportunity to take a trip with Paula Hiuser!”

—Ginny W.

“When I learned that Paula Hiuser had started her own travel business, I was thrilled and excited for another opportunity to discover the world with her guidance. To put it simply…Paula has an extraordinary ability to ascertain what makes someone’s eyes light up and then efficiently goes about making that experience happen. She is truly one of a kind and traveling with her does indeed bring memories to last a lifetime.”

—Joanne M.

Oh what a trip!  Thank you Epic Global Adventures!

We are speechless and our hearts are beyond full from the memories this adventure to South Africa has brought us.

Words cannot express our gratitude for the execution of such a thoughtfully planned itinerary. Just PERFECTION!!

Paula Hiuser you’ve outdone yourself girlfriend. 

—Hazel G

“I met Paula on a group trip to East Africa October 2016. Instantly we had a connection. Paula is personable, friendly and a seasoned traveler. She is adventurous, balanced with knowledgeable. Of course one of many favorite moments is walking past that drum tree with Paula right behind, and almost tripping over the foot of a adult gorilla. I’m sure she has a memory of the look of shock and excitement on my face – we may have both squealed a little! 🙂  So many favorite moments, and an ongoing friendship!”

—Sarah D.